Sweden airport weather averages

Sweden airport weather averages show to temperature, rainfall and sunshine figures for every month of the year. Select an airport from the list below and check the weather at Sweden airports before you book your next flight.

Code City Airport
AGH Angelholm / Helsingborg Angelholm Airport
AJR Arvidsjaur Arvidsjaur Airport
BLE Borlange / Falun Dala Airport
EKT Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Airport
GEV Gallivare Gallivare Airport
GOT Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
GSE Gothenburg Saeve Airport
HFS Hagfors Hagfors Airport
HAD Halmstad Halmstad Airport
HMV Hemavan Hemavan Airport
JKG Jonkoping Axamo Airport
KLR Kalmar Kalmar Airport
KSD Karlstad Karlstad Airport
KRN Kiruna Kiruna Airport
KRF Kramfors Kramfors Airport
KID Kristianstad Kristianstad Airport
LPI Linkoping Linkoping Airport
LLA Lulea Kallax Airport
LYC Lycksele Lycksele Airport
MMX Malmo Sturup Airport
MXX Mora Mora Airport
NRK Norrkoping Kungsangen Airport
ORB Orebro Orebro-Bofors Airport
OER Ornskoldsvik Ornskoldsvik Airport
OSK Oskarshamn Oskarshamn Airport
OSD Ostersund Froesoe Airport
PJA Pajala Pajala Airport
RNB Ronneby Kallinge Airport
SFT Skelleftea Skelleftea Airport
ARN Stockholm Arlanda Airport
BMA Stockholm Bromma Airport
NYO Stockholm Skavsta Airport
VST Stockholm Vasteras / Hasslo Airport
SQO Storuman Gunnarn Airport
SDL Sundsvall Sundsvall / Harnosand Airport
EVG Sveg Sveg Airport
TYF Torsby Torsby Airport
THN Trollhattan Trollhattan Airport
UME Umea Umea Airport
VXO Vaxjo Vaxjo Airport
VHM Vilhelmina Vilhelmina Airport
VBY Visby Visby Airport
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