Marshall Islands airport weather averages

Marshall Islands airport weather averages show to temperature, rainfall and sunshine figures for every month of the year. Select an airport from the list below and check the weather at Marshall Islands airports before you book your next flight.

Code City Airport
AIM Ailuk Island Ailuk Island Airport
AIC Airok Airok Airport
AUL Aur Island Aur Island Airport
BII Bikini Atoll Enyu Airfield
EBO Ebon Ebon Airport
ENT Enewetak Island Enewetak Island Airport
JAT Jabot Jabot Airport
UIT Jaluit Jaluit Airport
JEJ Jeh Jeh Airport
KBT Kaben Kaben Airport
KIO Kili Island Kili Island Airport
KWA Kwajalein Kwajalein Airport
EAL Kwajalein Atoll Elenak Airport
LML Lae Lae Airport
LIK Likiep Likiep Airport
MJE Majkin Majkin Airport
MAJ Majuro Amata Kabua International Airport
MAV Maloelap Maloelap Airport
MJB Mejit Island Mejit Island Airport
EJT Mili Atoll Enijet Airport
MIJ Mili Island Mili Island Airport
NDK Namdrik Island Namdrik Island Airport
RNP Rongelap Rongelap Airport
UJE Ujae Island Ujae Island Airport
UTK Utirik Island Utirik Island Airport
WJA Woja Woja Airport
WTO Wotho Wotho Airport
WTE Wotje Wotje Airport

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