Germany airport weather averages

Germany airport weather averages show to temperature, rainfall and sunshine figures for every month of the year. Select an airport from the list below and check the weather at Germany airports before you book your next flight.

Code City Airport
AOC Altenburg Altenburg Nobitz Airport
AGB Augsburg Augsburg - Muehlhausen Airport
SXF Berlin Schoenefeld Airport
TXL Berlin Tegel Airport
THF Berlin Tempelhof Airport
BMK Borkum Borkum Airport
BRE Bremen Bremen Airport
BRV Bremerhaven Bremerhaven Airport
CGN Cologne Cologne / Bonn Airport
FCN Cuxhaven Nordholz Airport
DTM Dortmund Dortmund Airport
DRS Dresden Dresden Airport
DUS Dusseldorf Dusseldorf Airport
NRN Dusseldorf Niederrhein Airport
EME Emden Emden Airport
ERF Erfurt Erfurt Airport
FRA Frankfurt Frankfurt International Airport
HHN Frankfurt Hahn Airport
FDH Friedrichshafen Friedrichshafen Airport
LBC Hamburg Blankensee Airport
XFW Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport
HAM Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel Airport
HAJ Hanover Hanover Airport
HEI Heide-Buesum Heide-Buesum Airport
HGL Helgoland Helgoland Airport
HDF Heringsdorf Heringsdorf Airport
HOQ Hof Hof Airport
JUI Juist Juist Airport
FKB Karlsruhe Baden Airpark
LEJ Leipzig / Halle Leipzig / Halle Airport
MHG Mannheim Mannheim Airport
FMM Memmingen Allgaeu Airport
FMO Muenster Muenster Airport
MUC Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport
NRD Norderney Norderney Airport
NUE Nuremberg Metropolitan Area Airport
PAD Paderborn Paderborn Airport
RLG Rostock-Laage Laage Airport
SCN Saarbruecken Ensheim Airport
ZQW Saarbruecken Zweibrucken Airport
SZW Schwerin Parchim Airport
STR Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport
GWT Westerland Westerland - Sylt Airport
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