Finland airport weather averages

Finland airport weather averages show to temperature, rainfall and sunshine figures for every month of the year. Select an airport from the list below and check the weather at Finland airports before you book your next flight.

Code City Airport
ENF Enontekio Enontekio Airport
HEL Helsinki Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
IVL Ivalo Ivalo Airport
JOE Joensuu Joensuu Airport
JYV Jyvaskyla Jyvaskyla Airport
KAJ Kajaani Kajaani Airport
KEM Kemi/Tornio Kemi/Tornio Airport
KTT Kittila Kittila Airport
KOK Kokkola / Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport
KUO Kuopio Kuopio Airport
KAO Kuusamo Kuusamo Airport
LPP Lappeenranta Lappeenranta Airport
MHQ Mariehamn Mariehamn Airport
OUL Oulu Oulu Airport
POR Pori Pori Airport
RVN Rovaniemi Rovaniemi Airport
SVL Savonlinna Savonlinna Airport
SJY Seinajoki Ilmajoki Airport
TMP Tampere Tampere-Pirkkala Airport
TKU Turku Turku Airport
VAA Vaasa Vaasa Airport
VRK Varkaus Varkaus Airport
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