Russia (Europe) airport weather averages

Russia (Europe) airport weather averages show to temperature, rainfall and sunshine figures for every month of the year. Select an airport from the list below and check the weather at Russia (Europe) airports before you book your next flight.

Code City Airport
AER Adler / Sochi Adler / Sochi Airport
ADH Aldan Aldan Airport
AMV Amderma Amderma Airport
AAQ Anapa Anapa Airport
ARH Arkhangelsk Arkhangelsk Airport
ASF Astrakhan Astrakhan Airport
EGO Belgorod Belgorod Airport
BZK Briansk Briansk Airport
UUA Bugulma Bugulma Airport
CSY Cheboksary Cheboksary Airport
CEE Cherepovets Cherepovets Airport
CYX Chersky Chersky Airport
CKH Chokurdakh Chokurdakh Airport
EIK Eisk Eisk Airport
ESL Elista Elista Airport
GDZ Gelendzhik Gelendzhik Airport
GRV Groznyj Groznyj
BVV Iturup Island Burevestnik AFB
IJK Izhevsk Izhevsk Airport
KGD Kaliningrad Kaliningrad Airport
KZN Kazan Kazan Airport
KVX Kirov Pobedilovo Airport
KVK Kirovsk / Apatity Khibiny Airport
KSZ Kotlas Kotlas Airport
KRR Krasnodar Krasnodar Airport
KKQ Krasnoselkup Krasnoselkup Airport
URS Kursk Kursk Airport
ULK Lensk Lensk Airport
LDG Leshukonskoye Leshukonskoye Airport
LPK Lipetsk Lipetsk Airport
MQF Magnitogorsk Magnitogorsk Airport
MCX Makhachkala Uytash Airport
MRV Mineralnye Vody Mineralnye Vody Airport
BKA Moscow Bykovo Airport
DME Moscow Domodedovo Airport
SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport
VKO Moscow Vnukovo Airport
MMK Murmansk Murmansk Airport
YMK Mys-Kamenny Mys-Kamenny Airport
NAL Nalchik Nalchik Airport
NNM Naryan-Mar Naryan-Mar Airport
NBC Nizhnekamsk Begishevo Airport
GOJ Nizhniy Novgorod Nizhniy Novgorod Airport
REN Orenburg Orenburg Airport
OSW Orsk Orsk Airport
PEX Pechora Pechora Airport
PEE Perm Perm Airport
PES Petrozavodsk Petrozavodsk Airport
PWE Pevek Pevek Airport
ROV Rostov Rostov Airport
LED Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport
KUF Samara Samara Airport
RTW Saratov Saratov Airport
CSH Solovetsky Island Solovki Airport
STW Stavropol Stavropol Airport
SCW Syktyvkar Syktyvkar Airport
TGK Taganrog Taganrog Airport
TBW Tambov Tambov Donskoye Airport
TQL Tarko-Sale Tarko-Sale Airport
IKS Tiksi Tiksi Airport
PYJ Udachny Polyarnyj Airport
UFA Ufa Ufa Airport
UCT Ukhta Ukhta Airport
ULY Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Airport
USK Usinsk Usinsk Airport
UKX Ust-Kut Ust-Kut Airport
UTS Ust-Tsilma Ust-Tsilma Airport
OGZ Vladikavkaz Vladikavkaz Airport
VOG Volgograd Volgograd Airport
VGD Vologda Vologda Airport
VKT Vorkuta Vorkuta Airport
VOZ Voronezh Voronezh Airport
DEE Yuzhno-Kurilsk Mendeleyevo Airport
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