About Weather2Flights.com

Weather2Flights.com combines detailed weather guides with flight, airline and airport information to create an essential guide to help you plan your next holiday or business trip whether flying low-cost, charter or long-haul.

Worldwide airport guides

If you simply want to find out more about an airport, view our airport guides which provide historical weather information, a 5-day weather forecast, a location map, IATA & ICAO codes, timezone difference, elevation and today's sunrise and sunset times. You can also view which airlines operate from the airport and where they fly to.

Find out more about airlines & routes

We provide direct website links to airline operators that provide scheduled and charter flights. You can also search for airlines that operate in a selected country, state or province. Find out who flies where, with 'Flights' section, based on departure and/or arrival airport and/or airline. Results show the typical flight times for each airline operator.

Be inspired by our Flight Planner

If you are looking for inspiration, try our 'Flight Planner'. You simply need to select a departure airport/town and departure month. Then choose your preferred weather and flight-time, and you will be presented with flights to destinations that best match your criteria.

When you roll your cursor over the coloured bar to the left of the departure and arrival airport you will see a percentage figure that indicates how well historical weather statistics match your criteria. A score of 100% represents an exact match while anything above 80% may be considered reasonable. A score below 50% is not a good match and may indicate that you need to amend your criteria in some way.

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